《赤噪》 冯昊
Red Noise


这是一个声音装置作品。 我利用了话筒与喇叭之间的声反馈(亦称为声循环或啸叫)原理,将话筒与喇叭之间的反馈控制在临界点上。 虽然电机会将两支话筒一直保持匀速运动规律并会带来一种节奏甚至产生聆听乐音的愉悦感, 但仍然会有各种不确定的因素会突破临界点破坏这种愉悦感。 反馈所产生的尖厉的声音同时进入电视,干扰到摄像头监控人们日常生活的画面。 这是一种愉悦、威胁和破坏并存的感觉,一如我们所见的周围。



This is a work of Sound Installation Art.By using the feedback principle (also called sound loop or mic whistle) between microphones and speakers, I control the sound feedback exactly on the critical point.The motor keeps moving two microphones regularly at uniform motion, bringing up a sort of rhythm, sometimes even a sense of pleasure of enjoying musical tone.Those pleasures, however, would still be broken when different uncertain elements break through the critical point.

As a result of the feedback loop, the squealing sound enters into the television simultaneously, with interference to the scene of security camera which is spying on everybody’s daily life.This feeling of joy coexists with threats and damages, just like what we have found in our surroundings.







Television, cage, speakers, microphones, electronic motor, amplifier, mixer, camera, lines

Size variable