Aiyo space一直努力提供多样观察生活的视角。Aiyo空间不单是艺术家表演的舞台,更是艺术可能的实验场。Aiyo处于杂乱生猛的黑桥村口,见证了荒诞生活与艺术想象交替发酵并存之状况。 多样方式呈现的艺术理解是Aiyo选择艺术家的前提。这次项目,Aiyo邀请五位艺术家用不同的方式演绎各自的艺术。在“两眼抹黑”前面,他们将如何谱写艺术的色彩,值得期待。

Aiyo Space keeps devoting itself to provide multi-dimensional viewpoints of life observation.More than the stage for artists to perform, Aiyo Space is the experimental field for exploring and expanding the possibilities of art.Being situated in the entrance of HeiQiao Village which is disorderly and vigorous, Aiyo has witnessed the coexistence and alternately fermentation of ridiculous life with artistic imagination. The artists being chosen by Aiyo are premised on the basis of Artistic discernment with diversified presentation.In this project, Aiyo has invited five artists to perform their art respectively in different ways.It would be worth anticipating how they are going to color the art during their presence in Flying Blind.



Aiyo space