《惩罚骄傲》 刘成瑞
Punish Proud


I sold the blood to buy a cloth for you, which is green.


The blood sticked to the knife, and the knife was insert to the scabbard. The blood was taken form the body of Liu chengrui. The knife is 30cm in length. Copper, pearl skin and beads with unknown material are inlaid in the hilt. It was got from a Kangba Tibetan youth in Zaduo county at an altitude of 4200 meter of Yushu, Qinghai. At 9p.m on 8th Mar. 2015, it was taken with 4000 yuan by Mr.Mai at the DDCK Art WeChat auction.


The green shirt of "Punish Proud" was meticulously designed and finished by Liang Xiaoyan, an independent costume designer. Its style is Chinese stand collar. The main ingredient is 100% wool, and the lining is 100% silk.


2005年毕业于西安美术学院服装系 服装设计专业;2005年—2013年先后在北京玫瑰坊高级服装定制公司和北京德云华服高级定制公司做高级服装定制设计师 ;2014年开始筹备自己的独立设计师品牌。

Introduction of the independent costume designer Liang Xiaoyan:

Graduated from costume deparment of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, and majored in costume design. From 2005 to 2013, Liang worked as a senior costume designer for Beijing Rose Studio Senior custom clothing company and Beijing Deyun Senior Chinese Style custom clothing company. In 2014, Liang started to prepare her individual designer brand.